Metal/Heavy Cards

With XCore, your preferred manufacturing partner can deliver premium heavy metal cards more efficiently and at lower cost than ever before.

What is it?

Encapsulated metal cards from XCore are the next logical step for card manufacturers looking to offer their customers premium cards at a lower price point.

Usage today

Metal cards are becoming increasingly popular with issuers, retailers, and other card industries due to the unique customer experience they provide. The increased weight and premium look leads to greater customer retention and new customer acquisition.

Adapting technology to the card

Incorporating metal into the card form factor presents challenges for the card manufacturer. The unique properties of metal cause difficulty in the standard hot lamination procedure, leading to expensive methods to produce metal cards. XCore has developed a solution that is fully compatible with all card manufacturers, with no modifications to their manufacturing process.

XCore's process

XCore's proprietary encapsulation process resolves the difficulties that manufacturers face when producing metal cards, while making the product more affordable than ever before.

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