Near Field Communication (NFC)

On-card NFC capabilities enable a user to use their card to communicate with other electronic devices. Using this technology, secure transactions, user authentication and other data transfer can be done by placing the card in near proximity to a reader.

What is it?

NFC, which stands for Near Field Communication, is a wireless communication method which uses a short range magnetic field to communicate between devices.

Usage today

Most commonly, NFC is used in payment card and device transactions. In the transaction, an NFC enabled device is brought within range of a POS terminal. The device is then triggered by the POS terminal to initiate a signal which completes the transaction. The method, which is commonly called "contactless payment", has become standard in POS terminals worldwide.

Adapting technology to the card

NFC enabled cards require an antennae which receives and emits a secure signal containing secure information from the EMV chip.

XCore's process

XCore's proprietary encapsulation process makes the embedding of NFC antennae and any supplementary electronics possible.

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