The Team Behind

The Power of Smart.

XCore Technologies was founded in 2005 by President Mark Cox, a successful business professional and part-time aerospace and electronic designer. Mark developed and patented the technology that is fundamental to all of XCore products, and subsequently began to assemble a management team of professionals from the electronics, plastic card manufacturing and credit card issuing commercial sectors to build and operate the Company.

About XCore

The next generation of card technology has not yet been made commercially available. The reason is simple: The card manufacturing industry has not been invited to participate.

To date, powered and specialty material cards have been delivered through manufacturing techniques that are not common practice. As a result, card manufacturers are seeing expensive products that have not been proven to scale in a manner that manufacturers are accustomed to. Further, these products have often fallen into a single source model that does not meet industry demand and price point requirements.

XCore Technologies is the first supplier to significantly penetrate and enable the specialty and powered card marketplace by supplying fully functional pre-laminate inlay components to the already established card manufacturing community.

While the XCore pre-laminate inlay is a technically sophisticated platform, it is fully and immediately compatible with the existing card manufacturing infrastructure and requires no changes from the card manufacturer.