Logical & Physical Access

Organizations of all sizes are moving to improve the processes used to identify their users and grant access to the virtual resources they need to do their jobs. XCore's process enables the packaging of industry standard access cards with smart technologies like OTP in order to consolidate the many needs of employees into one familiar, portable and secure format.

Logical & Physical Access Use Cases

One Time Password (OTP)

Incorporating One Time Password (OTP) technology into a card enables strong two-factor authentication to eliminate fraudulent card-not-present (CNP) online transactions.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

On-card NFC capabilities enable a user to use their card to communicate with other electronic devices. Using this technology, secure transactions, user authentication and other data transfer can be done by placing the card in near proximity to a reader.

Metal/Heavy Cards

With XCore, your preferred manufacturing partner can deliver premium heavy metal cards more efficiently and at lower cost than ever before.