XCore Prelaminate Core Sheets

The prelaminate core sheet is at the center of a final card, and is the primary product of XCore Technologies. Prelaminate core sheets are made at XCore or its licensees, which are provided as a component to card manufacturers for the construction of the finished card through the application of graphics and secure elements. Our prelaminate core sheets are made using a proprietary manufacturing process which allows us to encapsulate a wide variety of components including but not limited to metals, electronics, and other specialty materials.

Metal Prelaminates: XCore's metal prelaminate core sheet enables the card manufacturer to create a product that provides the user with a premium experience. XCore uses proprietary materials in the production of metal cards creating a product that ensures flawless user experience during every transaction. Cards comply with ISO standards and EMVCo requirements for functionality.

Technology Prelaminates: XCore’s patented manufacturing technology enable the manufacturer to incorporate electronic components into the card body. Successfully encapsulated technologies include but are not limited to on-card displays that can be used for OTP and DCCV, biometric sensors, metal cards with integrated proximity or NFC antennas.

Specialty Material Prelaminates: Specialty material prelaminate core sheets incorporate materials that have otherwise been impossible to incorporate within a card. Specialty materials include materials such as fabrics, three-dimensional foils, wood and decorated metals.

XCore Prelaminate Core Sheets Use Cases